Friday, October 28, 2005

Java is the new COBOL

Alright, now I know for sure that Java is seriously misunderstood! Don't get me wrong, I agree with the title, it's just the freaking reasons people give you for this!! Here's what I think.

Java is the new COBOL beacuse both are...

  • Standardized through a detailed, documented Specification -> Java Language Specification
  • Platform independent; as a direct consequence of the above
  • Significantly readable. Infact, both were designed with readability in mind (COBOL was kinda Programming for Managers!)
  • Built with the intent of seperating concerns. Used effectively, they let you manage the business and not the systems.
  • Expansive in their enterprise penetration. Ubiquitous.
  • Always in the backgoround, the unsung heros!

... not because...

  • Java has turned legacy. What idioit came up with that one?
  • Java is too verbose. OK, Java is verbose; but not TOO, THREE, FOUR...
  • Java makes programming simple. Programming IS hard. Java doesn't make it simple, it just makes it easier to write and read code!

... and Java also has to it's avantage that it is...

  • General purpose; Desktop, Enterprise, Mobile, Embedded, Realtime, ... did we miss anything??!
  • Deployable in a variety of ways; Application, Applets, Java WebStart, J2EE
  • Easily interfaced to most other systems
  • Correctly Open source; have you seen the number of Java projects running on the Internet!!!!

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